Mental Health Skill Building Services 

MHSS is a training service for individuals with significant mental illness.  Hidden Roots’ service is designed to train individuals in functional skills and appropriate behaviors related to the individual’s health and safety, activities of daily living, and utilization of community resources as well as assistance with medication management and monitoring of their physical and behavioral health.

Our team offers a fresh approach to help you stabilize your living. We use various concepts to help you break the barriers that set you back. It is the mission of Hidden Roots Mental Health to provide person centered community mental health services using an evidenced based approach to help train individuals towards normalized functioning in their homes and communities. 

Life Coaching  

Our coaching services provide you the accountability you need to reach that goal you have been struggling to reach on your own. Together we create an action plan that is tracked and revised weekly for 6 weeks. The program is intensive however it will give you the foundation you need so you can have a blueprint to help guide you with all other goals you may want to accomplish. It is our goal at Hidden Roots to help you create a plan that will be functional enough to allow you to see immediate results once a goal is identified.

Consulting Services  

This is catered to businesses only. Here we help you establish everything you need to form your business legally without the legal zoom increased rates. Our extended consulting offers agency assessment to help you create a functional flow for better management. Our consulting services also have additional add- ons that you may benefit from. This can all be evaluated during your free 15 minute consultation. With Hidden Roots Consulting Services it is our mission to make sure that we provide the right resources at the right time to maximize your business potential. 

Speaking Engagements, Radio Interviews 

Jasmary Tineo Incorporates her skills to help inspire your crowd by creating a strategy that is specific to your organization or event needs. This service may include additional speakers if needed that may be more suitable for the topic. Contact us for your next event and we would love to be your guest speaker. When contracted for Speaking engagements it is our mission to provide a stand out presentation that will keep your participants engaged while catering our content to your events specific needs. 

Community Liaison Services  

Hidden Roots has relationships with many other organizations because.  It is through the Community Liaison service that we are able to maximize results drawing upon the resources and expertise of other entities. Here we refer you to a reputable organization to help you with whatever your particular need is. It is our belief that you are only as strong as the network you have.  

Behavioral Health Organization Professional Development  

We offer networking sessions to professionals in the human services field shared over refreshments. This program is offered to any business or organization looking for mental health guidance and knowledge and to learn more about our services. Overall, the program creates an open channel for information flow and training. Whether the training is targeted towards professional & personal development, skill set training, or even life skills, these sessions can result in a boost in professionalism in the human services field to get motivation and skills needed for a valuable and successful work experience. It is our intent to share skills and techniques that have helped us during our journey so that you can navigate through any challenges within your organization. We have a team of industry leading professionals that partner with us to provide this service.